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Ceramic or zirconium crowns (metal-free)

Aesthetics and reproduction of nature

Reproducing nature, maintaining aesthetics and function is the main objective of this treatment.
At theclinic®, we haven’t used metal for making crowns or bridges for over 10 years…
The crowns and bridges made are adapted to each case, each face and each objective. You will have an aesthetic solution made individually for you.

Fixed solution

Without having to worry about the hassles of a removable solution, you have the comfort and quality of life provided by crowns and bridges fixed to your teeth.

Strengthening the tooth structure

Teeth with significant loss of structure, but healthy to the point that they can be kept in the mouth are strengthened with the use of this treatment. With the help of ceramic, a resistant material, the dental structure is reinforced.


The ceramic used is a material of extreme durability, with color stability and biologically compatible with dental tissues. There is no risk of allergic reactions.

1st Planning

Through intra and extra-oral photographs, radiological exams, digitalization of the mouth and use of Digital Smile Design, the planning is made according to the ideal for each case and the patient’s expectations. This process allows you to visualize the desired final result before starting treatment.

2nd Preparation of teeth and placement of temporary crowns / bridges

A little wear is made on the tooth surface around it for later fitting of the crowns / bridges. At the end of this consultation, provisional work is immediately placed.

3rd Placement of the definitive crowns / bridges

About 7 to 10 days after the dental preparation consultation, the final fixed ceramic crowns / bridges are placed, restoring the natural aesthetics and correct function.

Step by Step

Clinical cases



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