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Invisible orthodontics

Invisible solution

It allows an effective and discreet orthodontic treatment. Through transparent dental aligners, this appliance is almost imperceptible to the outside.

Facilitated hygiene

Because they are removable, dental aligners allow daily oral hygiene to be facilitated through brushing and flossing. Regular oral hygiene reduces the presence of plaque, preventing the appearance of future oral problems.

Greater comfort

The aligners can be removed for each meal and replaced after oral hygiene. The day-to-day happens without remembering that you are having an orthodontic treatment.

Fewer visits to the dentist

Invisible treatment is strictly planned using exclusive software, allowing you to schedule appointments over time. If the patient is a foreigner, for example, it is even possible that the accompaniment is combined with the availability of travel.

Emergency consultations avoided

The technology used in this material reduces pain, discomfort and emergency visits associated with conventional orthodontic treatments. The precision between the aligner, the teeth and the gum, ensures the perfect fit.

1st digital study

The study consultation includes photographs, radiographs and intraoral scans; essential components that will allow rigorous planning of orthodontic treatment using software, where the smile is designed in 3D.

2nd case planning

The smile of each patient is studied and designed individually, using the software. The patient can also preview the dental changes that will happen in his smile.

3rd Delivery of invisible aligners

The digital study indicates how many aligners will be needed throughout the treatment. The treatment plan is monitored every 6 weeks and the necessary new aligners are delivered until the next consultation.


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