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Fixed orthodontics (dental appliance)

Align your teeth for a perfect smile

By placing an orthodontic appliance, you can align your teeth for a more visually harmonious and beautiful smile.

Restoring the correct function

The way cracking is restored by stabilizing the loads exerted on the teeth. This prevents future dental fractures due to incorrect dental positioning.

Improve hygiene

Aligning teeth allows for more effective and easier oral hygiene for the patient. When there is dental crowding, hygiene is hampered which can cause the appearance of cavities and accumulation of tartar, leading to gum problems.

Correct chewing avoiding digestive problems

The use of dental braces corrects the way the teeth fit together, thus allowing a more efficient and uniform chewing.

Avoid joint pain

The teeth not being in the correct and stable position, they can cause joint problems with consequent headaches.

1st Case study and individualized planning

Through the realization of models, intra and extra-oral photographs and radiological exams in the clinic, the previous study adapted to each case is made. This planning allows us to understand what will be needed to achieve the desired result, as well as the duration of the treatment.

2nd Placement of the orthodontic appliance

Placing the parts that will be attached to the teeth in the correct positions (brackets). This placement process is painless. From this consultation you will begin to notice movement of the teeth to the desired position.

3rd Control Consultations

Control visits where everything is checked, the necessary parts are changed in order to achieve the expected result and the orthodontic appliance is cleaned.

Step by Step

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