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Dental veneers

The smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Dental veneers – or dental contact lenses – are thin ceramic caps placed on the surface of teeth. They are less than 1 mm thick and correct minor imperfections in the shape, volume and color of the teeth. As in a normal dentition, basic oral hygiene care should be applied.

Despite being delicate, dental veneers have a high degree of durability. At theclinic®, each dental veneer is individually designed and, through CAD-CAM technology, the precise adaptation between the ceramic of the dental veneer and the tooth enamel is ensured.

The entire smile planning is shared with the patient, since the beginning of the treatment. Thanks to the Digital Smile Design software, the result can be previewed by the patient, making it easy to manage the expectations created for the new smile.

As a minimally invasive solution, we avoid resorting to wear of the tooth surface for the application of dental veneers. However, even when dental wear is necessary, it must be minimal (between 0.2 to 0.5 mm), always saving the tooth surface.

Dental veneers can be the perfect solution for a quick and low-invasive finish, for example, after using a dental appliance. Spaces that are more difficult to connect, cracked, broken or irregular teeth can be corrected with dental veneers or dental contact lenses.

1st Digital smile planning

Through the Digital Smile Design software, it is possible to design the smile according to the unique characteristics of each face and share the entire process with the patient, helping to manage their expectations.

2nd Dental preparation and placement of temporary veneers

It is not always necessary, but sometimes dental preparation can involve reduced wear on the tooth surface (between 0.2 to 0.5 mm). After wear, provisional dental veneers are applied in the same consultation.

3rd Placement of definitive dental veneers

After 5 to 10 days, on average, the temporary dental veneers are replaced by the definitive ceramic dental veneers. Both mimic dental naturalness in a resistant material that will only require basic oral hygiene care.

Step by Step

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