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It is an oral rehabilitation protocol created and developed in Portugal by a Portuguese Dentist, Dr. Paulo Maló.

The All-on-4® allows you to place all fixed teeth in just one day , by placing only 4 implants that support the new fixed prosthesis. It is a simple, low-invasive and short-lived surgical technique that has revolutionized the area of ​​oral rehabilitation.

Without the need for bone transplantation, the All-on-4® surgery takes approximately two hours and, within a few hours of implant placement, the temporary fixed dentition is placed.

By drastically reducing the number of implants and, consequently, interventions and avoiding bone grafting, All-on-4® is less expensive and can be performed on people with heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes .

For cases of severe (almost total) bone loss from the jaw bone, we have also made available the All-on-4 Zygoma technique – always having the best solution for your problem.

High success rate

Compared with traditional methods, the All-on-4® technique has very high success rates

A single visit

The surgical procedure and placement of the fixed dentition occur on the same day within a few hours of surgery

Less invasive

Eliminates the need for bone transplantation and is therefore less invasive surgery

Short term

It is a simplified and short surgical procedure, approximately 2 hours

Covers more patients

Allows to treat patients with diabetes, osteoporosis or other health conditions

Very natural looking teeth

You won’t notice the difference, the fixed prosthesis will look and function like the natural dentition

Easy cleaning and maintenance

It is easy to handle and to clean, which allows effective oral hygiene


Clinical cases

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