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Dr Ricardo Crespo takes care of your dental care in a privileged environment near Lisbon.

Dr Crespo specializing in dental implantology welcomes you near Lisbon in Portugal in his dental clinic to take care of your dental care. Between a privileged environment to relax and modern dental techniques, give yourself the smile you deserve.

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Graduated in dental medicine from the Higher Institute of Sciences and Health. Dr Crespo opened his first dental clinic in the center of the town of Almada where she grew up. The new dental clinic he runs in Herdade de Aroeira in Almada is made up of a team of passionate dental surgeons who are always at the forefront of the latest dental techniques. Within Dr Crespo’s clinic, you will benefit from multidisciplinary talents and experienced staff who will offer you the highest quality standards in modern dentistry. Being treated in the clinic also means benefiting from a know-how in cosmetic dentistry that will ensure you a perfect result. Between innovative techniques, modern materials and awareness of the need for the well-being of patients, the clinic will be able to offer you the treatment that will perfectly meet your expectations.

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20 years of experience serving my patients

2020: Exclusive practice in implantology and oral rehabilitation

2020: Trainer in Oral Implantology

2015: Doctoral student in the Department of Surgery at USC

2010: Diploma in dental implantology at the University of Miami

2005: Graduated in advanced oral surgery

2003: Postgraduate in advanced cosmetic dentistry

2001: Third cycle in implantology and oral rehabilitation

2000: Diploma in dental medicine by ISCS Sul

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    If you wish, we can give you the answers to your questions by telephone.


    Our multidisciplinary team is able to respond to all dental pathologies, including the most complex. With our experience, we offer therapeutic techniques using the latest innovations in modern dentistry.

    Dental implants

    Today, dental implantology is the most suitable solution for replacing one or more teeth.

    Sinus Lift

    With the Sinus Lift, it is always possible to place a dental implant on the upper jaw if the bone volume is not sufficient.


    At the forefront of endodontic treatments, the clinic preserves your dental integrity and allows you to keep your teeth healthy for a long time.

    Dental veneers

    Without irreversibly damaging your teeth, give yourself a star smile with top-of-the-range dental veneers from the Ivocalr brand.


    Without bone filling, benefit from a fixed, aesthetic and affordable prosthesis in just two treatment stays..


    Find a perfect smile with a fixed implant-supported bridge on 6 implants in two or three dental care stays in Lisbon.

    Zirconia crown

    A modern, metal-free crown that can be produced quickly and offers aesthetic properties similar to a natural tooth.

    A Portuguese dental clinic richly equipped with modern equipment and necessary to offer you quality dental care.

    Equipped with modern equipment for sterilization, imaging and complex surgeries; the clinic and its staff operate in a technical environment commensurate with the quality of care they wish to provide you.

    In order to facilitate your understanding, we inform you about the most common dental treatments that we provide to our patients.

    Dentistry is a discipline of medicine. Very often for patients who wish to come for treatment in Portugal, certain medical concepts remain difficult to discuss. We suggest that you popularize some of these therapeutic approaches in order to be able to understand and identify the care that could be offered to you.

    Zirconia crown

    Since the ceramic-metal crown, essentially made by hand by prosthetists, things have evolved. The Zirconia crown machined with CAD-CAM technology has shortened lead times and offered aesthetic properties close to those of a natural tooth.



    Many completely edentulous patients ask us for a quick and painless solution that allows them to regain a smile and a chewing function. The All-on-4 technique perfectly meets the expectations of these patients. At a controlled cost and achievable in two stays, fitting an All-on-4 prosthesis may be relevant.



    Being able to benefit from an All-on-6 means benefiting from a prosthetic solution that offers a feeling of belonging and an extremely convincing aesthetic result. This technique offers the most demanding edentulous patients the solution that will give them back their old smile. In two or three stays, find a perfect smile that you will quickly forget.